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Electromagnetic pollution also called; (EMF) exposure can happen anywhere. In fact, the spread of EMF – Electromagnetic Pollution – is so wide spread, that it can come from many surprising sources.  The EMF pollution inside your home easily make its way around your home through the small appliances and other common items in a household. But that doesn’t take into account all of the ambient EMF and radio waves that penetrates our lives on a daily basis.



Highest Quality EMF Canopy

Made Of 100% Silver Woven Fabric

Essential Wellness Shielding

The Most Preferred EMF Bed Canopy

You don’t have to get rid of all the appliances in your home. EMF shielding makes it possible for you and everyone in your home to sleep with EMF safely. Investing in quality EMF protection is one of the best things you can do for you and your family. A emf bed canopy is the first line of defense, when it comes to getting a good nights restorative sleep and waking up refreshed, without the dreaded EMF hangover, that many people suffer from. A emf bed canopy can be your first line of defense – it blocks EMF over your entire body, as you sleep

COMPLETE COVERAGE FROM WiFi & CELL TOWER EMF – The specially designed emf silver mesh fabric offers the best protection against WiFi, 5G, Ambient and other emf pollution. The highest quality silver mesh shielding ensures a EMF shielded environment for you and your family.

RadioFrequency Jammer - 100 Watt

Protective and Effective

Advanced EMF Shielding Technology

Anti RF Signal Access

Get A Good Nights Sleep

There are a few different reasons why someone might need to use a EMF bed canopy; the body can tolerate many stresses to the immune system for a while before it reacts. However, electromagnetic radiation exposure is cumulative. And at some point, your body may just cross over the line, as to what it can no longer handle. Once that cross over point has been reached, a person can experience all kinds of reactions or symptoms such as; headaches, sleeping issues, anxiety, heart palpitations, tinnitus, middle ear pain and all sort of other reported issues.

We all know that some people are more sensitive than others. And we know that an ounce of prevention may be more important than a pound of cure. The thin silver mesh fabric is very soft to touch while the transparency of the mesh fabric, prevents any claustrophobic feelings while resting or sleeping.

Health Benefits:

  • Reduces exposure to EMF
  • Insures no minor sleep issues
  • Protects against harmful EMF when sleeping
  • Guard against over exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • EMF canopy shielding works while you sleep

Attribute Benefits:
Product Name: Essential Wellness EMF Silver Shield
Effectiveness: Shields 99% of EMF/EMI/RF
Material: 100% Fine Silver Woven Mesh Fiber Fabric
Application Usage: EMF/EMI/RF Shielding Bed Canopy
Rated: Conductive, Anti-EMF, Antibacterial, Anti-static
Shielding Rating: 40-50DB
Model: Bed Canopy EWSA001
Color: Silver Bone/Grey/Shell Grey
Type: Rectangular Canopy/ Circular Canopy
Style: Single door/Double door
Door Opening: 1 / 2 Door opening
Available Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King size
Gross Weight: 2 lbs

EMF Blocking Capability
2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, GPS1, GPS2, UHF, VHF, LoJack, Etc..

The continuous EMF fighting attributes of the EMF Silver Shield, keeps various harmful signals at bay, including those from the WiFi routers, cell phones, and other common household devices.

Distinctive Qualities:
In addition to the many health benefits of blocking out EMF rays, the canopy brings a distinct touch of class and luxury to the bedroom. Whether tied open or left to hang over the bed throughout the daytime hours, the canopy will make your bed a focal point of the room. As such, your bedroom will instantly feel fit for royalty while helping the room to appear distinctive and brighter.


Care Instructions:
While you do need to take care with the canopy due to the fine thin mesh fabric. The silver mesh fabric is made to provide many years of durable continuous usage, and the emf shielding properties are not lost due to washing or ironing. It is best to hand wash the mesh fabric with a gentle dish washing type of soap and allow the fabric to hang dry or gentle ironing with a very low heat setting.

17 reviews for EMF Bed Canopy – Beige

  1. Deborah H.

    Since I treat quite a few areas, I normally do my armpits and bikini once or twice a week and then my legs the next week, with each area being treated every other week. Treatment is really quick and I’d say it takes less than a minute to do each underarm. I definitely recommend it.

  2. Lyndsey M.

    This Zen laser hair remover is nice. And it’s not that bad because it’s easy to use plus the laser is not shocking, so it’s fine to me. I used this on my armpits, it’s fine. I didn’t feel anything hot only a slight sensation, but when I used this on my legs I have felt a little bit of heat or warmth, which is tolerable. So far for the efficacy when it comes to hair growth, I just barely notice regrowth at the moment and will continue to do this for maintenance. Overall, It’s convenient and it works for me. Their customer service was also great. A good product.

  3. Jaine D.

    I definitely would recommend this Zen IPL hair remover, I am finally hair free, with just a quick treatment, every month! But, it definitely works on leaving your skin feeling smooth and hair free. A fantastic hair remover, really works well.

  4. Wilma P.

    Great results and super pleased with my looks. I have had my Zen laser hair remover for three months and I have achieved almost hair free legs and arms. To start with I did keep up the regular treatments and with diligence and patience I did see results. The hair loss gradually becomes permanent. I now use my Zen laser hair remover when I need the occasional top up and for my under arms this is maybe twice every two months and my legs maybe each month. The arms I am happy with them so far and there’s nothing to do there so far. I fully recommend Zen. I have been dedicated to making this work and it does if you just keep up those early home sessions. Some hair will grow back, but to start, it is slow progress and then it seems to suddenly get better and don’t re-grow.

  5. Lorraine H.

    I bought this Zen laser hair remover, back in June. Since then it has been very effective. I had wasted lots of my money on paying for IPL sessions as my hairs grew back, as they were before. This device gives me the comfort to do them at home without having to spend so much of my money. I have seen a massive reduction in my hair growth. I love the fact that I can use it on my full body. But, I do struggle to do the treatment on some places like my forehead where it is bumpy. Also I did not expect the results over night, it did take time, but excellent results were more visible after the first 7 weeks of use. Overall, I would recommend this laser hair remover, its a huge money saver.

  6. Linda K.

    It’s worth every penny, but I was a little bit hesitant in buying this at first, as it was a bit expensive for me, but after some research I decided to just go ahead and treat myself! I’m very glad I did. I’ve had laser treatments previously in salons and although I saw good results I found that I had to keep going and was spending quite a lot of money. This machine is very easy to use and I love being able to do it at home. I’m really impressed. I’m on my fourth session and am already noticing a difference and getting good results!

  7. Paula D.

    A great laser hair remover and easy to use. I was sent this Zen laser hair remover as a birthday gift and can say, I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and it is easy to use. Although it was a bit quirky to begin with, once I got used to it, it was super. It left my skin feeling very soft and hair free after 6 weeks. And the hair that grows back is very fine and very light. This is great for the body and bikini an very easy to use anywhere. This is great for those who want face, bikini, underarm and legs to be hair-free and want as much value for their money as possible.

  8. Gracie T.

    This device takes some getting used to, but I was excited to try this out, so I wouldn’t have to worry about shaving my body hairs. I read the instructions and it was very easy to do. I used it on my underarms and the treatment was completed quickly. However, for my skin tone it recommended a setting of 4/5 but i couldn’t use it past the setting 3. I may just have sensitive skin, I suppose but any higher and it felt a little uncomfortable. After the first couple of flashes each time you get used to it but I would say it was completely painless, at level 3 for me. I have noticed a reduction in most of the hairs, that grows back so I find it worth continuing with, but it’s going to take a bit longer than was advertised, because of this lower setting I use. The Zen laser hair remover is definitely worth getting.

  9. Denise M.

    The Zen laser hair remover has saved me from having to shave again and improved the appearance of my skin.
    I would recommend the Zen laser hair remover to everyone. It is really quick to use and removes hair with 4 to 5 uses. It has stopped my hair pores from showing up on shaved legs which has proved to me that, it is worth the money. I don’t have to struggle with shaving cuts and razors any more and the scary sight of hair growing back. The laser hair remover has different settings which are easy to change as you can make it painless. On the larger areas it can be a little tricky to hold but it is worth it, and the armpit area are also annoying as you can’t really see what you’re doing there, but it does work.

  10. Janine S.

    Amazing product because I have had brilliant results with this laser hair remover. I’ve been using this on my arms and legs for 6 weeks now, and my hair growth has significantly reduced down to only finer hairs with no ingrowing hairs which I used to get previously from epilating. The laser hair remover is very easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow. The skin scanner is very useful in choosing the level of energy intensity for my skin type. The laser hair remover can be used plugged into the wall. I would recommend this device for people who want permanent hair removal. This has been a fantastic experience for me.

  11. Patricia B.

    I like this laser hair remover very much and surprised it works well for me since I suffer from excessive hair growth, especially on my arms. It has really decreased the amount of hair growing all over my body. I know that some people like me, need a little extra time because of my situation, but I am happy with my results in my 4th week. Nothing but praise from me.

  12. Gillian W.

    I started hair removal treatments in a salon, but I was spending a lot of money on the treatments. Then I decided to buy a Zen laser hair remover. It is exactly the same as the salon to me, but now its in the comfort of my own house. I love its design. And for now it seems it has great effects, even if I am only into the early stages of the treatment. I totally recommended it because it’s a great hair removal device.

  13. Caroline G.

    Loving this machine more and more each week I use it. I’ve been using this IPL Zen laser hair remover for 6 weeks now. The areas that I’ve treated are my upper lip, jaw line, neck. My arms and underarms. For my legs, I shaved the areas then zapped away. The Zen laser hair remover is so easy to use. I love the fact it has different energy levels of sensitivity with a skin scanner to check the skin colour and tone. I have noticed a massive improvement in all the areas I have treated especially on my underarms where I have no hair left. My arms and legs are a little patchy but I’m confident after a few more treatments I will be hair free there as well. I love this machine and would recommend it to all.

  14. Kirsten F.

    I am actually very surprised with my results, so far. I love my new Zen laser hair remover, since it is so easy to use and actually gotten results from it very quickly ! I love it and its definitely worth the money that I invested.

  15. Susan W.

    A real life changer for me especially after spending a lot of money on facial hair removal products. This zen laser hair remover, has been a God send. There is no more stubble or scarring from my over tweezing. My face is smoother and hair free after very little effort. I read the instructions carefully, did my research online; there are plenty of review videos and made sure it was right for me. Some darker skin tones may not find it as effective. But once you purchase this, you will not be disappointed. I bought this months ago but my sister who has PCOS swears by it so I let her keep it and bought another for myself. It really is a fantastic product but my strongest advice is read all the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.

  16. Michele E.

    I wasn’t too sure about shaving the skin so, I have never shaved before hand, always just tweezed the really dark hairs on my face or used scissors to cut them down and honestly it’s amazing! The hair growth has slowed down dramatically and now I’m now walking around with no make-up because I’m not conscious anymore. It takes a few months and I’m in month 3. I’ve never had a problem and it is worth every penny to me, for this Zen Ipl device.

  17. Susana M.

    Unbelievable results for me. I had been looking at this Zen laser hair remover for some time. I’ve tried many expensive hair removal methods and failed miserably in getting results! A beautician once told me to stick to waxing because, no home treatment works! This was a impulsive buy, but I am absolutely thrilled with it, so far. I’ve just finished my fourth treatment and find it hard to believe that this laser hair remover really does work. I wish I had bought it much sooner.

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