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Radio Frequency Jammer – 12 Antenna

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A desktop radio frequency jammer can block the operation of undesirable nearby frequencies. As a result, they can effectively disrupt and block certain wireless devices in a defined area. They offer the possibility of disrupting wireless eavesdropping devices and effectively jam the frequency signals of wireless attackers.

Professional 12 Antenna RF Jammer

For 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, GPS, VHF, LoJack

550 Sq. Feet Jamming Range

The Most Preferred Jamming Method To Insure RF Privacy

Are you thinking about using a RF jamming device? They are commonly used to disrupt radio signals and deny access to a specific area or frequency and are most commonly used by private security personnel. There are a few different types of RF jammers, but the most common are those that emit electromagnetic interference (EMI) signals that can block the transmission of radio frequency signals.

RadioFrequency Jammer - 100 Watt

Professional, Discrete and Effective

Most Advanced Frequency Jammer Technology

Anti RF Signal Access

Desktop/Wall Mounted – Indoor/Outdoor Usage

There are a few different reasons why someone might need to use an RF Jammer. For example, they may need to block transmissions from a unfriendly location. To help you better decide, consider the many benefits and options to see which works best for your situation.


  • Professional Discrete Usage
  • Insure Your Personal Privacy
  • Protect Against Cyber Attacks
  • Guard Against Unauthorized Eavesdropping
  • Protect Against Unauthorized Surveillance
  • Guards Against Electronic Harassment

Technical Benefits:
Model: A-H12
Exterior: Made of Durable Military Grade ABS Exterior Shell
Casing: Waterproof, Dust-proof, Anti-corrosive, and Heat-Resistant
Performance: Long Range Performance
Size : 14″ W x 10″ H x 2.5″ D (Inches) — (355x 238x 60mm)
Power supply: 120/240 Volt AC – DC 12V Adapter
Weight: 9.8 Lbs.
Interior Cooling System:  Built-in 5 Fan Cooling System
Effective Jamming Range:  550 Sq. Feet Range
(effective jamming range depends on ambient environment and obstacles)
Installation: Easy Desktop or Wall-mounted Installation

Frequency Jamming Capability
2G, 3G, 4G, 5g, WiFi, GPS, VHF, LoJack, Etc..

North American Frequency Coverage

Jamming frequencies range :
5G 600 / 5G 1500: 617-685 or 1427-1518MHz
CDMA/GSM & LORA: 851-894 /900-960MHz
DCS/PCS :1805-1880/1920-1990MHz
3G : 2110-2180MHz
4G LTE Low: 698-803 or 758-821MHz
4G LTE High:2496-2690/2570-2690MHz
WIFI 2.4G/4G2300:2400-2485/2300-2485MHz
GPS & Glonass L1:1560-1610MHz
WIFI 5.8G/5.2G:5725-5850 or 5125-5350MHz
VHF & LOJACK:135-175MHz

(Frequencies for Europe, Austraila, Asia, Etc., are available and will be added depending on the Country of the product delivery)

Complete Package Includes:
1 * 12 Channel Frequency Jammer
1 * 12 Antennas
1 * Instruction Manual
1 * Power Adapter
(Compatible power plug is included for country of usage, USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, etc.)


Usage Instructions:

  1. Open the box and Inspect the contents of the package
  2. Read the easy instructions for care and usage
  3. Install the exterior antennas on the unit, if needed for some models
  4. For wall or desktop RF jammers, make sure your device has adequate air flow for proper ventilation, usage, cooling and longer life expectancy
  5. For portable models, make sure your device has access to adequate air flow for proper ventilation, usage,  cooling and longer life expectancy

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7 reviews for Radio Frequency Jammer – 12 Antenna

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